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Neuromuscular Stimulator
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Neuromuscular Stimulator

Price per Unit (piece): $2 275.00
You Save: $1 475.00

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Used - Excellent Condition Rehab Equipment
Sys - Stim 226 Neuromuscular Stimulator

Includes interferential, premodulated, medium frequency (Russian) and biphasic stimulation make this stimulator both flexible and economical. Features two channels with independent treatment protocols, intensity controls, timers and displays. Treat two different body parts, two different clients or use in combination therapy with the Sonicator models (items 2925, 2926, 2922). Choose from surge, reciprocation, surge with reciprocal or vector rotation modes. Dimensions: 13" x 16" x 4" (33 cm x 15.2 cm x 11 cm).Weighs 5 lbs. UL listed.

Sys*Stim® Stimulator Specifications:

Line input:
115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
(1Kohm load)
Interferential, 0-65 mA RMS Premodulated, 0-50 mA RMS Medium frequency, 0-50 RMS Biphasic, 0-99 mA peak
Frequency: Interferential, 4000 Hz, 0-250 bps Premodulated, 1-250 bps Medium Frequency, 2500 Hz, 50 pps Biphasic, 1-120 pps
Retail Price Paid: $2,275.00
Condition: Excellent In Box
Used Price: $985.00

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